Abuse of my domain.

Dear visitor,

  1. This domain is not in use for sending e-mails at all.
  2. If you receive e-mails like this, ,, with my domainname as its sender, DELETE them.
  3. They have not been sent by me. Probably they are spam or phisingmail from criminals.
  4. I would suggest to block my domain in your e-mailsoftware if possible.
  5. I will forward spam and phishingmail to SYMANTEC and FRAUDE HELPDESK to be investigated.
  6. I'm not interested in mails from webdesigners who propose to make this site mobile-friendly. I really don't care if you have five or ten years experience. I am able to do it myself, if I want to. Thank you.

Please don't link this page.

I hope this information was of any use to you.

Best Regards,
Mike Heemskerk
The Netherlands


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